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Plankton substitute for hard corals and other zooplankton filters 2oz

Like fish, corals and other filter feeders need nutrients for their growth and wellbeing. Natural zooplankton is an important source of energy and nutrients for hard corals and other plankton filters. In the sea, the zooplanktters move mainly from the deeper layers of water into the habitat of the reef corals at night. In the reef aquarium it is important to offer this natural wealth of plankton to the corals as close to nature as possible.

Tropic Marin ® ZOOTON is a balanced plankton substitute for stone corals, especially small polyp stone corals, and other plankton filters in saltwater aquariums. It mainly consists of selected animal and vegetable ingredients from the sea that are rich in trace elements and minerals. Among them, the ingredient Spirulina supplies large amounts of carotenoids and, together with brewer's yeast, covers the need for natural B vitamins, especially vitamin B12.