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ZooPlanktos-s 50-300 Micron Zooplankton

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50 - 300µm Zooplankton Suspension for Fishes, Stony Corals, Clams, and Other Filter-Feeders


  • Provides zooplankton and fully-digestible, unhatched eggs ranging in size from 50 - 300µm.
  • Ideally-sized for many stony corals, clams, sponges, tunicates, tube worms, larval
    crustaceans, juvenile fishes, and adult planktivorous and microinvertebrate-predatory
  • Formulated to provide over four-thousand prey per ml.
  • Does not require refrigeration.
  • Supplemented with a proprietary amino acid to aid incoloration of invertebrates
    and fishes.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist.