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ZooMed Sm Dragon Bonsai

  • Unique hand-crafted works of art.
  • Natural decorations for your shrimp or nano aquarium.
  • Use bonsai wood to create a dramatic aquascape display.
  • It contains tannins that can help condition and soften water.
  • Made from tropical hardwood, Tectona Grandis, known for its durability and water resistance.
  • No two Bonsai Trees are the same, they are all painstakingly hand-assembled.
  • Assembled on a natural rock base, no need to weigh it down or wait for the wood to become waterlogged.
  • It provides a good surface area for algae to grow, giving shrimp a reason to graze on the branches and remain on display.
  • Use a Bonsai Tree as the focal point in your aquascaped display tanks. Pair it with nano schooling fish, shrimp, or both.
  • Small – 6 x 8 x 4in