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Sky LED Aquarium Light



The SKY is a 200w, LED aquarium light, with patented diffuser technology, that smoothly blends all of its 104 LEDs to create a homogeneous field of coral-health-optimized light — no hotspots, no disco-ball effect, no need to augment it with other lights or add-on diffusers — but best of all, none of the harsh shadowing and fractured spectrum found in most other popular lights.


nature corals are minimally shadowed because they get softened light from horizon to horizon due to the diffusion aspect of the atmosphere. For proper coral growth and health, this is something we attempt to accomplish in our reef aquariums.

Unfortunately most LED reef lights have a small surface area of light origination that creates dark areas and harsh shadows – sometimes with an altered spectrum. As a reef aquarium matures, this is the main limiting factor for coral growth and health. Many attempt to correct this deficiency by adding additional fixtures, light-limiting diffusers, additional fixtures or hodge-podge together a hybrid solution with supplemental lighting strips.

The SKY has a large surface area of diffused light at the origin which emulates the horizon to horizon effect of the atmosphere and minimizes shadowing. The SKY  alone is all you need to properly light your reef aquarium and provide for the health, growth, and color needs of even the most demanding corals.

  • SKY LED Light

  • 219W Meanwell Power Supply

  • AquaBus Y-Cable

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