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Reef Blizzard-O Powdered Planktonic Food Blend


Planktonic blend for feeding Soft Corals, Bivalves, Sponges, Tunicates, Crinoids, and

Polychaete Worms


• Biopigment-rich, powdered blend of marine phytoplankton, zooplankton, and proprietary

complex particles providing marine protein and elements utilized in aragonite formation,

specifically formulated to improve coloration of suspension-feeding invertebrates.

• Size range of particles falls is suitable for: soft corals (including colonial and solitary

polyps); bivalves (Tridacnid and Hippopus clams, scallops, etc.); sponges; tunicates;

crinoids; and sedentary, suspension-feeding polychaetes (e.g. feather dusters and

Christmas tree worms).

• Simple to use. Enables aquarists to custom-blend planktonic suspensions to suit the

nutritional requirements of their reef system(s).

• More economical than liquid planktonic suspensions.

• May be refrigerated for prolonged stability.

• Made in the USA of US-sourced, high-quality ingredients.