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Integr8 E Fy Augmented Plankton Coral Food


This formulation provides twenty-one essential amino acids; thirteen major, minor, and trace elements, including selenium (1.9 mg/kg); Omega-3 and -6 HUFAs (19.6 mg/g and 0.2 mg/g, respectively); 

fourteen vitamins; and beta carotene (302 mg/kg).


Integr8 Σ fγ (“Sigma, formula Gamma”) is a dry blend, which consists of: marine zooplankton (Arthropoda) and phytoplankton featuring rich fatty acid, amino acid, and biopigment profiles; specific immunostimulants; protein biosynthesis stimulants; and biological pigment precursors. Consistent use yields improved cohort robustness, feeding response, rate of tissue synthesis, and richness of color.

Preservative-free. This formulation does not incorporate: preservatives; pH-modifying components; food colors (artificial or otherwise); animal byproducts; brewer’s yeast or the like; grains and/or other terrestrial crop components; Artemia cysts; or oils.  Low phosphate content per unit mass relative to standard commercial formulations.

Unmixed product does not require refrigeration. Store tightly-sealed, in cool, dry location. Do not permit contamination of this container with moisture or foreign material. Do not dispense unmixed product into system; follow preparation steps, below.

Preparation: Integr8 Σ fγ must be adequately saturated with water prior to application; failure to saturate formula components will result in loss to surface skimming devices.  Depending upon method of application, system water or purified water may be utilized in saturation process; review entire information below.

In a clean mixing vessel, mix in a ratio of ~5:1 water (mL) to Integr8 Σ fγ (g) (ex. mix 100 mL water with 20 g Integr8 Σ fγ).  If a thinner fluid consistency is desired, then use more water.  

Cap and shake vessel to thoroughly saturate Integr8 Σ fγ components, and allow to sit for 20 - 30 minutes prior to use.  Prior to each use, shake vessel to re-suspend components.

Determining mass of Integr8 Σ fγ required: If applying this formula in systems raising cohorts of suspension-feeding sessile invertebrates (e.g. cnidarians, poriferans, sedentarians, bivalvians, ascidians, etc.), then apply 0.20 g of Integr8 Σ fγ per square foot of colonized area per day.  Modify application frequency and mass of Integr8 Σ fγ applied per cohort requirements.


Recommended: Determine mass of Integr8 Σ fγ required during a period of no more than 12 hours, then add this amount to a clean mixing vessel with adequate water from the system to form a suspension with the desired fluid consistency.  Allow vessel to remain at room temperature.  If using system water, then entire contents of vessel should be used within 12 hours of initial mixing.  This approach is recommended because the temperature of the suspension will closely match the system temperature, as opposed to using a suspension which is considerably colder due to refrigeration.  Target individual cohort members, or apply suspension in close proximity to circulation pump discharge, as appropriate.


Metered Application: If mixing a larger amount of Integr8 Σ fγ suspension than will be required for 12 hours, then substitute purified water for system water in the preceding instructions, and store Integr8 Σ fγ suspension at T≤40°F outside of periods of use.  Pour required volume of mixture into syringe or separate dosing vessel. Do not contaminate mixture with system water.  The use of a magnetic stirring platform to maintain homogeneity of the suspension is recommended if application will be performed with a dosing pump.  Locate point of entry in close proximity to circulation pump discharge.  If applying manually, then shake vessel prior to application to ensure homogeneity of suspension.  Target individual cohort members, or apply suspension in close proximity to circulation pump discharge, as appropriate.