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Amino-Organic 250ml


Important Coral Nutrients: Amino Acids and Nitrogen Compounds

Tropic Marin Amino-Organic provides important amino acid and nitrogen compounds to increase growth and coloration in corals. 

Poor coral coloration is usually caused by a lack of easily-digestible nitrogen compounds in the aquarium. The addition of Amino-Organic provides such compounds necessary to stimulate the growth of soft and leather corals, disc anemones, and zoanthids.

As your corals grow, they will naturally absorb more phosphates from the water column. Thus, Tropic Marin Amino-Organic has the added benefit of biologically reducing phosphate levels in your reef aquarium, creating near-natural conditions that result in increased vitality and more intense coloring.


  • Contains important amino acids, minerals, and easily-digestible nitrogen compounds
  • Helps to naturally balance nitrogen/phosphate ratio
  • Stimulates coral growth
  • Improves coral vitality and coloration
  • Increases polyp opening
  • Does NOT contain nitrates or phosphates



Add a maximum of 5 ml (0,17 fl. oz.) Tropic Marin Amino-Organic to 200 litres (52 gallons) of aquarium water daily. 

Not appropriate for use when phosphate concentrations are below 0.03 mg/l, during the start-up phase of an aquarium, or in the presence of undesired dinoflagellates.


250mL / 8.45 fl. Oz