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Copper Power Green


COPPER POWER GREEN is a solution of copper, nickel and zinc complexes designed for the treatment of ich, fungus and external parasites in freshwater aquariums.
Copper, nickel and zinc are, by themselves, extremely toxic to fish and are, therefore, not practical for application in aquariums. COPPER POWER GREEN contains, in addition to copper, nickel and zinc, a unique chelating agent. This agent is the same as that found in COPPER POWER for marine aquariums.
The chelating agent has the ability to de-toxify the metals as far as the fish and plants are concerned, but the metallic solution remains toxic towards disease producing organisms.
COPPER POWER GREEN reacts with disease producing organisms on a molecular level. Still, it remains unreactive as far as the fish are concerned.
When there are no diseases present in the tank, COPPER POWER GREEN stays in solution at full strength (not removed by carbon filtration) harmlessly for many months.
Should an outbreak of disease develop, COPPER POWER GREEN will immediately begin to react with the disease organism and destroy it.
COPPER POWER GREEN has many advantages over present freshwater ich and fungus medications.
1. It is safe with all species of fish including tetras and scaleless fishes.
2. It will not discolor or cloud aquarium water.
3. It remains in the solution in the aquarium, so one dose offers protection for months.
4. The solution is not removed by carbon filtration. Filtration does not have to be discontinued during treatment.
5. COPPER POWER GREEN in the aquarium can easily be checked using a copper test kit.
6. The metallic content (5 ppm total metal in the water) eliminates disease quickly and completely.
COPPER POWER and COPPER POWER GREEN may be consumed at a much higher rate when actively combating disease organisms.