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Brightwell HexiDiscs Frag Mounts 10 pack


Combines the benefits of vast surface area and intelligent design with a high-purity aragonite

component to maximize the aquarist’s use of available space in coral culture systems while

maximizing the growth rate potential of coralline algae, yielding shorter grow out to market than

when using conventional plugs.

• The hexagonal shape of HeXiDiscs permit close placement on flat surfaces (as the graphic

representation of the honeycomb structure on this label demonstrates) to maximize use of

available surface area in grow out systems; this is far better utilization of space than is provided

by frag plugs or discs with circular or radius shapes to the glued surfaces.

• Hexagonal shape is conducive to growing all manner of branching, plating, and massive stony

corals, soft corals, and colonial polyps such as zoanthids and their close allies.

• The use of Brightwell Aquatics R.E.E.F.-Fuze fluorescent cyanoacrylate enables aquarists to

monitor growth rates at a glance, as the fluorescent coloration of the bonded area is over grown

with new coral tissue.

• Researched, designed, and made in the USA of US-sourced, high-quality ingredients.