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Aquatop Maxflow DC Wave Maker mwv-2000 352-2133 gph


Aquatop's MaxFlow Series of DC Wave Makers offers a cutting-edge solution for aquarium water circulation. Unlike traditional powerheads, these pumps feature a Prop-Style Impeller and 360° uniform water draw, ensuring a broader, more even flow distribution. The robust magnet mounting system allows for versatile placement and a wide range of motion within the tank. Each model operates quietly and efficiently, with multiple flow modes and a wavelength frequency dial for precise control. For enhanced water movement, units can be wirelessly synchronized, making them a top choice for those seeking powerful, efficient, and flexible water circulation solutions for their aquariums


  • Mimics the Flow of Natural River and Coral Reef Currents
  • Eco-Friendly Design with Low Power Consumption
  • Fully Articulating Magnetic Mount for Secure Placement
  • Offers a Variety of Flow Modes with Adjustable Speed and Intensity
  • Sync Multiple Pumps Seamlessly via Wireless Connectivity
  • Suitable for Both Freshwater and Saltwater Environments