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All For Reef


Tropic Marin All-For-Reef is an easy to use, highly concentrated solution for the supply of all essential minerals and trace elements in moderately  stocked reef aquariums.

Minerals are consumed through the growth of organisms and other processes in the aquarium and must be supplemented regularly. These minerals include the necessary elements: calcium, magnesium, strontium and carbonate hardness elements for the growth of the calcareous skeletons of stony corals, coralline algae and other reef organisms.

All For Reef contains all these components in highly concentrated form and also contains the most important trace elements: Iodine, bromine and fluorine for growth and stabilization of the skeletons of stony corals, sponges and crustaceans; selenium to eliminate free radicals; molybdenum and vanadium for the establishment of important enzyme complexes.

With the optimal ratio of concentrations of these components, All For Reef an ideal environment with only one solution. No additional compounds are created (e.g. sodium chloride) that alter the salinity or the ion balance.


Start with a daily dose of 5 ml of All For Reef per 100l (26 Gal) of aquarium system volume. Increase the daily dosage – by continuous monitoring of alkalinity – weekly by 2.5 ml per 100l (26 Gal) of aquarium system volume, until a constant Alkalinity of 7 to 9 is reached.